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Become a Member of First Stock Trading and Finance Club in BiH
Nov 22, 2016

Become a Member of First Stock Trading and Finance Club in BiH

Department of Banking and Finance invites you for an open registration to the first Stock Trading and Finance Club in BiH.

Consider the following benefits of joining to the Stock Trading and Finance Club:

  • Playing the stock market can mean taking some of your dreams and making them a reality.
  • You`ll become much more knowledgeable about the investing and business environment. If you already have an interest in investing then being part of stock trading clubs is a great way to learn more and to share your interests with other people. You`ll be able to meet on a regular basis with people who are learning about the stock market right beside you. 
  • You need to weigh the risks and rewards of being in stock trading clubs with your own thoughts and feelings about money and savings. If you find that the rewards outweigh the risks, then you will find that stock trading clubs may be the perfect way for you to take charge of your finances, and work towards the profits the stock market brings to many committed investors.

If you are interested, please register by sending an email with your name and phone number to [email protected]