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The program of banking and finance department is structured around a group of technical courses, which include basic tools of quantitative methods, accounting, and economic theory, and a core of banking and finance to enable future banking professionals to meet the challenges of today’s global environment.

Banking and finance sector is being dominated by chain companies and these companies employ well trained employees to meet the necessities of their work. The proposed program is designed to equip young generations of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the skills, which will meet the need by banking and finance sector companies in the country and outside. The qualification from this department provides students with knowledge in banking and finance with organization skills to serve in public and in private sectors.

Department of Banking and Finance graduates take the banking and finance specialist title. They can work for public and private sectors such as; banks, insurance companies, investment banks, leasing, factoring and auditing firms, financial consultancy firms, governmental regulatory and supervisory institutions, and other public and private sector firms’ finance departments.

The scope of this department is to fulfil the need for qualified members in this field, and to prepare skilled people to work in different banking and finance sectors.

Department offers the following advantages:

  • The graduate students with consolidated knowledge about banking and finance.
  • Recent catalogues and educational programs based on the global trends;
  • Diversified staff (foreign and local) with long educational experience;
  • Possibilities for internships during the education in foreign and local companies and institutions;
  • The possibility of employment for graduates, tightly connected with their qualifications, interests and knowledge;
  • Needed and comfortable space for students and academicians;
  • Space which is supplied with wireless and cable Internet, which students can use to develop their research.